We listen, piece together the thoughts, and build the homes that bring our clients desires into their lives.

Our goal is to look at the building, the client's desires, and the market potential to develop the best commercial environments anyone could wish for.

As our clients age, we create ways to make their home safe, beautiful and joyful to meet their changing needs allowing them to stay in their homes.

Making a House a Home


We work directly with home owners, designers, and architects. Most of our clients come to us directly asking for help with their homes, although not always being able to describe specifically what they want.  Our job is to work collaboratively with all parties to help shape, refine, and execute the work that brings a smile to our clients every time they come home.  Here are a few brief examples:



Remaking a City Flat

The client had purchased a remodeled flat, but was unsatisfied with various finish selections and a loss of original detail. In the kitchen we swapped a tile backsplash for a subtle stone thus allowing the existing counters to really shine. Cabinetry was painted, lighting revised, a new hardwood floor installed, and the door openings corrected.

158-mantleplace & bookshelves.jpg

A New Study For Her

Our client wanted a new home office/study that would allow her to run her business and allow the family to use the room for game nights and weekend gatherings.

042-two lights on.jpg

A Ceiling Not Forgotten

Because of existing roof framing challenges we designed a coffered ceiling that nested within the existing structure which maximized ceiling height and minimized the framing issues.

062-parquet 4.jpg

Herringbone Flooring

We specified and installed a new herringbone floor pattern with a black walnut feature strip. Nearly four thousand individual pieces went into this creation, requiring expertise and skilled craftsmanship, but the client was thrilled with the result as were we.


Transforming Tile

The client was also unhappy with the existing shower tile. During a business trip to New York he found this hand made Italian glass tile and wanted to bring it home. We removed the existing shower walls, installed insulation and wallboard, and laid the new tile. We also installed a new custom built walnut vanity and improved the lighting and ventilation.

Aesthetic Improvements Leads to Investment Returns


The first client came to us just as they were finalizing the purchase of a two story Class-C office building.  Understanding the desired repositioning of the building and required improvements, we worked with the client, creating a vision to revitalize the space and all infrastructure.  The results put the building in high demand, boosting rents and making it one of the more attractive buildings in the local commercial market.

After a long and talented career, the second client came to us wanting to create his very own restaurant.  He had selected a location that previously had a restaurant, but wanted to re-create the space to reflect his own style.  We worked directly with the client to create a space that is as warm and inviting as the fabulous cuisine that he so passionately prepares for his guests. 

We have experience in many commercial segments including: Office, Retail and Hospitality




Where We Started

The building, a concrete tilt-up, was originally built as an automotive garage. Later it was converted to office space. When we were asked to begin the project it was clear a whole new look was required to unify years of poorly executed improvements. We sat down with the client, developed a design direction and made the changes happen.

3000 Bway after but before new asphalt.jpg

Working With The Hand One Is Dealt

The building needed a fair amount of work so budgets were stretched. Accordingly, we removed and re-used the existing metal facade material, maintained and enhanced the existing main door and window system, added new commercial windows at existing openings and added a hand troweled plaster coat to the front and rear of the building. Decorative planting grates, steel pergola and in-ground utilities were all set into the new front walkway.

3000 Bway clerstory awning.jpg

New Beginning For An Old Garage

Starting from the original building, we revised the exterior, remodeled the main lobby, all common areas and bathroom facilities. Most of the office spaces were revitalized and brightened. Working with the owner we assisted with the roof top installation of over seventy solar panels, installation of highly efficient heating and cooling systems and installed LED lighting throughout the building. We also installed infrastructure inside the building and underground that will be utilized for future improvements.

chiefs table.jpg

His Own Restaurant

Working with the chef-owner we created a personalized environment where his guests could enjoy both the experience and the excitement of a seat at the chef's table

Open kitchen to dining room.jpg

Open & Inviting

The Chef wanted to see his guests at every table to be sure they were happy with everything. We opened the kitchen to both the Chef's table area as well as the main dining room. The kitchen wall was wrapped in brick and walnut counter and lighting was greatly improved.

Bar Area.jpg

Hidden Improvements

To stretch the budget, we chose to maintain the existing bar, and to wrap it in walnut paneling. We also machined and built walnut wainscot that wrap the walls of the bar/waiting area for a cost effective and cohesive look. Previous tenants had to close early due to noise issues. We undertook extensive acoustic measures that allows the Chef to stay open late into the evening, entertaining the neighborhood.

Making Your Home Work For a Lifetime


As we age, the things that once came easy to us sometimes become more difficult.  As Certified Age-in-Place Specialists, we are often called upon to help improve our clients homes to better accommodate their needs as they grow older.  We focus on providing an environment that is safe, easy to live in and best of all looks beautiful.   We call it "Invisible Accessibility".  You will be able to live in your home longer, your home will serve you better and all anyone will remember is the beautiful remodel you did.  



From Sun Room to Bedroom

A prior solarium becomes a new master bedroom on the main floor to avoid stairs in a three story home where falls can occur.


A New Line of Sight

Separate controls and heated bench seat & shower floor. Floor border & accent tile indicate locations of doors, walls and all controls for sight impaired owners. Floors, shower floor and bench are all heated for a comfortable showering experience.


Accessible for Anyone

A bathroom vanity that provides access for both standing or wheelchair users. Providing access regardless of their mobility helps us give back the clients autonomy.


Reinventing a Shower

A shower that works standing or seated (prior to glass installation). Individual controls allow for direct use no matter where the bather prefers to shower.